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Pure Mountains project information

mission statement:

We are the informal, non-profit-making community with a goal of saving natural purity and cleanness in mountain Elbrus area ("Prielbrusie").

what is it all about:

Кавказ, Приэльбрусье

Project geographical location is in the mountaing Elbrus area also known as "Prielbrusie", which includes most of the mountain Elbrus itself and north slopes of the Main Caucasian Ridge, on territory of the Kabrdino-Balkarian republick in Russian Federation. The Elbrus mountain is the highest peak in Caucasus and in Europe, and the region is well known among mountaineers, alpinists, tourists, skiers and snowboarders all over the world. This beautiful and clean place is in this time suffering from plenty of rubish, which tourists and mountaineers leave on alpine camps, passes, mountain trails and valleys.

what do we do:

Our methods include education and information programs for tourists, organization of scavenging on mountain routes and camps with participation of mountain guides and alpinists, local children education and so on. See more on our activies page.

The site is just at its startup, further information coming soon.
The russian version is available here.
If you find any grammar mistakes or you're good in translating into English from Russian, please email: technical@purmountains.org