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Scavenging at "Priut-11" mountain hut at 4100 on mt. Elbrus.

September 2006

In september 2006 we have carried out an action of gathering garbage at altitude of 4100 meters, in the area around former "Priut-11" high-altitude hotel on mountain Elbrus.

For years of use of the hut a huge amount of garbage gathered in surrounding area. Besides, a rock chine near the hut is used as a base camp for climbers going to the summit.

10 mountain guides, who permanently work on the mountain took part in it. In few days we gathered and then descended with snowcats and cable-ways about 400 bags of garbage.

An article named "Clean Mountain" was published in March issue of russian magazine "Ski", 2007 (PDF download (1125 kb)).

An action took place without any finace support, owing only to personal initiative of participants - mountain guides, snowcat owners, direction of cable-way. Durable bags, working gloves, meals where provided by the poject organizer (Liza Pahl).

Sasha Baydayev

Lesha Vodolazkin

Jora from "Bochki" alpine camp

Liza shines

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