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"Garbage bags" and scavenging on the routes.

Summer 2007

After the "alpine scavenging" near the "Priut-11" hut on Elbrus in September 2006, we got an idea of solving rubbish problem directly on the alpine routes.

Each year presumably 3000 - 5000 mountaineers climb to the summit (not including weekend sightseers, who come on excursion buses). So along the main route we can often see lots of garbage (plastic bottles, envelops, packages, etc). This garbage is not only todays problem, not only it spoils view and impression for climbers. Remaining on the glacier it freezes into ice and will freeze out for long years. Besides this contribute to glacier melting.

Not only for the sake of gathering rubish on the route, but also to set an example for others, we distributed special nonexpendable bags for garbage for those, who work on mountain. Thanks for Bask company (Russian producer of outdoor equipment), which provided a hundred of this bags, which are actually lightweight waterproof transport bags. Our logo on the bags was pritned on our own finances.

We have given this bags for people, who permanently work on the mountain and we have given a personal talk to each of mountain guides, tour guides, service personnel of mountain huts and cable-ways, personnel of the national park, rescuers, explained them significance of the project and asked to support.

The goal of this permanent activity is not only in cleaning mountain slopes form rubbish and not only to exemplify others, but also to attract public attention to ecological problems in tourist area.

german mountaineer from Sasha's group helps gathering garbage in the Adil-Su valley

Natasha Lapina at the "VCSPC" pass

Sasha Baydayev at the "VCSPC" pass

Mountain Cheget slopes are covered with garbage - many weekend visitors come by cable-way for sightseeing

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